Rob Nairn was instrumental in bringing Mindfulness to Africa and we are indebted to Rob for this. Rob developed a unique secular training in mindfulness, which takes us on a step by step journey into a deepening experience of being present and accepting ourselves as we are. The training includes teachings in Western psychological language that provide a context for understanding what is happening in our minds as we practice and work with obstacles that arise.

Mindfulness is learning to pay attention to our moment-to-moment experience with an attitude of kindness and curiousity. The progressive training results in a deepening awareness and compassion and greater resilience to the ups and downs of everyday life.



It is suggested that folk attend Meditation retreats at Susurumba Retreat Centre in Juliasdale in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Participants are encouraged to make this a special time to re-treat themselves as it is during times of retreat that one begins to feel the real benefits of such a practice.

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